Instant Subgraphs from ABIs

We’re excited to share that Instant Subgraphs are now available in beta
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Goldsky lets you build real-time data streams for your applications without the hassle of managing complex blockchain and data streaming infrastructure.

Today we're happy to announce the beta availability of Instant Subgraphs which let you create subgraphs from ABI files for Ethereum smart contracts, with just one command. You’ll just need the ABI files that are generated from the Solidity compiler and a Goldsky config file (we’ve provided instructions on how to create a config file at

Teams such as Hashflow use this feature to track events across multiple contracts. Instant Subgraphs even supports complex patterns like Factory Patterns so you can track dynamically generated contracts!

Instant Subgraphs are perfect for projects that don’t need special aggregations or eth_call logic in their subgraph. It’s an easy way to start with subgraph indexing without having to write mapping handlers or JSON schemas. Once your Instant Subgraph is created, you’ll be able to easily query all of the events in the smart contract. To get started:
  • Have your ABI file(s) ready (it should be a JSON file).
  • Create a Goldsky config file using the instructions at
  • Execute the following command:
    goldsky subgraph deploy <subgraphName>/<subgraphVersion> --from-abi <path-to-above-config-file>
  • That’s it! You should see links to your new subgraphs in the CLI. You can also see your subgraphs in the main dashboard at

This feature is in beta, so if you have any feedback, find us on Twitter at @goldskyio or email us at [email protected]