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Early bird edge.

Unveil snappy, hyper-responsive experiences. Finely tuned pipelines peek into the future ahead of block explorers.

Exact precision.

Continuously sourced from multiple node pools and cross-checked for consistency.

Curveballs welcome.

Every chain reorg is seamlessly synced, automatically. Pair that with support for factory and cross-chain contracts.

Subgraphs, plus plus.

Launch a subgraph on a highly-available global network, for exceptional reliability and latency.

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Maximum compatibility.

Fully spec-compliant with every subgraph on The Graph’s hosted and decentralized networks.

Code optional.

Smart APIs automatically create a subgraph from any smart contract ABI, so you don’t have to.

Or build your own API.

Novel, brilliant experiences color outside the lines. Scale beyond subgraphs.

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Open Secret Sauce

Plug into an open crypto dataset, crafted and secured in partnership with leading chains.

Build on Indexed

Full customization

Directly index and decode raw blockchain data, with sub-second latency.

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Some of the best companies in the world trust us with delivering live web3 data to power their software.

“Polymarket requires real-time data in order to power the platform that our customers trade on. We’ve been looking for a reliable partner for low-latency data for a long time, and Goldsky has exceeded our expectations in almost every single category.”

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