We’re supported by high-powered builders who value creative freedom and doing their best work. In past lives, we’ve led teams and projects at startups, large companies, and places in between.
A picture of Kevin Li.
Kevin Li
Previously - Engineering manager at 0x Labs. Ex-Meta, ex-Alphabet. Early at Heap.
A picture of Jeff Ling.
Jeff Ling
Previously - VP engineering at TrueAccord. CTO at Uppercase. Early at Heap.
A picture of Yaroslav Tkachenko.
Yaroslav Tkachenko
Previously - Staff data engineer at Shopify. Software architect at Activision.
A picture of Paymahn Moghadasian.
Paymahn Moghadasian
Previously - Distributed Databases at Meta, ML Infra at Solvvy, RelEng at Datadog.
A picture of Avishek Neupane.
Avishek Neupane
Previously - Sr. Software Engineer at Shopify, Software Engineer Amazon.
A picture of Benny Sidelinger.
Benny Sidelinger
Previously - Engineering manager at Venmo, Principal engineer at Bright Machines, Principal engineer at Oracle.
A picture of Mike Nikles.
Mike Nikles
Previously - Lead solution architect for airlines at Google, staff developer advocate at Gitpod, founder at Webstone Education.
A picture of Xiao Meng.
Xiao Meng
Previously - Expert data engineer at Activision/Demonware.
A picture of Dan Tong.
Dan Tong
Previously - Engineering at Amazon, Level, Square.
A picture of Jungmoo Kim.
Jungmoo Kim
Previously - Product Manager at Nextdoor. Ex-Meta, ex-Pandora.
A picture of Pat Sissons.
Pat Sissons

Previously - Senior Staff Engineer at Shopify blockchain engineering.

A picture of Gavin Atkinson.
Gavin Atkinson

Previously - Design at Rainbow and Tlon.

A picture of Hemanth Soni.
Hemanth Soni

Previously - Venture creation lead at Diagram.

A picture of John Clover.
John Clover

Previously - Support & Services at Red Hat, Quora, Early at Heap.

A picture of Nicole Setter.
Nicole Setter

Previously - People Ops at 0x Labs.

A picture of Glenn Conner.
Glenn Conner
Engineering manager at Meta, web speed. Previously at Brocade, Riverbed.
A picture of Xiuming Chen.
Xiuming Chen
Director of engineering at Lime, infrastructure and security. Previously at Instacart, Hulu.
A picture of Todd Busler.
Todd Busler
Operator in residence at Unusual Ventures. Previously at Heap, Square.
A picture of Carl Tremblay.
Carl Tremblay
Advisor to up-and-coming startups. Previously head of platform and growth at Plaid.
A picture of Booboo.
Resident doge. Spends most of his day napping or stealing Kevin’s socks.
A picture of Hotpot.
Hotpot enjoys reading but can't really flip pages properly. He's bearish on dogecoin.
A picture of Cha Shiu Bao.
Cha Shiu Bao
What are you looking at?
A picture of Uni.
Dogecoin enthusiast. Likes to ignore Dan.
A picture of Molly.
If it fits it sits.
A picture of Mattie & Cocoa.
Mattie & Cocoa
Chief Snuggling Officers. Will bridge for treats.
A picture of Jujube.
Fat calico kitten who is very naughty.