Real-time Data
Infra for Web3

Index and transform on-chain data. Query with GraphQL, SQL, and more.
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Power your app,
at scale.

Pull data from a project or directly from a chain.
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Merge and transform results using composable streams.
WHERE contract_address = ...
AND sender_address = ...
SELECT name, SUM(amount)
  AS balance
GROUP BY user_id
SELECT item_id, COUNT(*)
GROUP BY item_id
Query your API, use webhooks, or bridge to your backend.
Goldsky QPS chart.
POAP has explored a variety of data aggregation and delivery services with the goal of offering our collectors a best in class experience. We found in Goldsky an excellent partner that has been able to meet our most demanding requirements in speed, reliability and integrity.
Picture of Patricio Worthalter
Patricio Worthalter
Founder, POAP
Goldsky is doing extremely important work at the infrastructure layer of the permaweb. Without robust infrastructure, none of the ecosystem's plans for a decentralized, permanent web that protects users' rights can come to fruition -- so we are delighted to see Goldsky's official launch.
Picture of Sam Williams
Sam Williams
Founder, Arweave
Polymarket requires real-time data in order to power the platform that our customers trade on. We've been looking for a reliable partner for low-latency data for a long time, and Goldsky has exceeded our expectations in almost every single category.
Picture of Liam Kovatch
Liam Kovatch
Head of Engineering, Polymarket
Use the CLI to upload your API.
Query it effortlessly after uploading.

Turbocharged subgraph indexing

Upload subgraphs directly, or mirror from The Graph.

Iterate with confidence

Check in every change you make. Swap versions via history to make sure your API’s running smoothly.

Index 3x faster

With our subgraph-optimized pre-caching infrastructure, customers see up to 3x faster indexing with no code changes.
Use the CLI to upload your API.
Query it effortlessly after uploading.

Stay real-time with Streams and Bridges

Fresh data in any shape, with response times fast enough for your front-end.

Composable Streams

Create streams with SQL from subgraphs and other streams, get persistent aggregations with no lag, and access the result through bridges.

Real-time Bridges

Sub-second, reorg-aware ETL to tools like Hasura, Timescale, Elasticsearch, and more.
Performance screenshot.

Best-in-class data pipelines.

Don't settle for APIs that return in seconds, or data that’s a minute stale. Build the exact API your features need.

Multi-chain support

Merge subgraphs across multiple chains into one stream, and query expensive aggregations in milliseconds.

Any shape you need

Layer streams on streams, join with off-chain data, and form your unique real-time view of the blockchain.

Features users expect

Run resilient webhooks, run analytical queries, fuzzy search, and more.

Portable web3 data

Build your own API to serve up on-chain data. Transform, filter, and pipe that data to anywhere it goes.