Build your own
API for web3

Ingest and transform on-chain data. Serve it up via GraphQL or export it.
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Power your app,
at scale.

Pull data from a project or directly from a chain.
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Filter and chain the results into your ideal shape.
WHERE contract_address = ...
AND sender_address = ...
SELECT name, SUM(amount)
  AS balance
GROUP BY user_id
SELECT item_id, COUNT(*)
GROUP BY item_id
Query your API, use webhooks, or export to your backend.
Goldsky QPS chart.
We have a lot of on-chain data we’re interested in, and Goldsky simplifies accessing it for us.
Picture of Fulvia Morales
Fulvia Morales
Group Product Manager, 0x
Goldsky makes it easy to ship without needing to buy nodes or write backends, saving a ton of time.
Picture of Andrea Law
Andrea Law
Senior Engineer, ex-MakerDAO
This is what I’d expect from a production-grade setup for finance. It’s fast, reliable, and not complicated.
Picture of Devang Sampat
Devang Sampat
Engineering Manager, Stripe
Use the CLI to upload your API.
Query it effortlessly after uploading.

Ship features fast.

Push a config and see a live endpoint up within 5 minutes.

Deploy with confidence

Check in every change you make. Swap versions via history to make sure your API’s running smoothly.

Index 3x faster

Push features and launch earlier. We index your data in 66% less time vs. industry-standard options.
Use the CLI to upload your API.
Query it effortlessly after uploading.

Take scaling out of the equation.

Index and query using our serverless infrastructure.

Focus on the logic

You handle the definitions, we handle the plumbing. Your data will always be kept up to date.

Stay informed

Analyze your traffic. See quality of service metrics like latency and volume.
Performance screenshot.

Best-in-class data pipelines.

Don't be limited in the data you access. Our platform lets you create the exact API your app needs.

Multi-chain support

Pull data from multiple networks. Merge as you like and access data with one query.

Define data with code

Write transforms with SQL and Typescript. Layer transforms to form the data you need.

Stream results anywhere

Pipe data anywhere you want with our connectors. Stream into decentralized and traditional sinks.

Portable web3 data

Build your own API to serve up on-chain data. Transform, filter, and pipe that data to anywhere it goes.