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Goldsky powers hundreds of crypto businesses building rich, instant, data-driven experiences.

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A steady pulse of data.

Read, edit, and sync fresh chain data. Hook in your own extra logic.

Designed for builders.

Flexible enough for both weekend projects and professional teams.

Lightweight consistency.

Fine-tuned to only what you need, for all your data in a single endpoint.

Elegantly durable.

Native support for reorgs, with automatic failover and global replication.


Pull your data.

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Index powers your app or backend with live data through a zero-maintenance custom endpoint.

Smart APIs.

Spin up an endpoint from any smart contract without any code.

Batteries included.

Built-in, intelligent API handling for you and your users. Turn any endpoint into a webhook.

Developer streamlined.

Automatically decode logs and events. Safely test changes and roll back new deploys.

Backwards compatible.

Migrate subgraphs with 1 line of code, backed by rock-solid infra.

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Sync your data.

Mirror unrolls data for custom integrations and sends a live stream to your database or warehouse.

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Point and click.

Connect with a single button. S3. Postgres. Rockset. And more.


The same data on every platform. Switch anytime.

Unlimited access.

No compute units. No per-query fees. All your data, all the time.

Dynamic versatility.

Run apps off the live data sync. Or specialize for analytics.


Level up your data.

Fusion is an all-in-one data studio with professional editing, stitching, and processing workflows.

Early Access

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Command center.

Orchestrate fully automated pipelines right from Goldsky. Get back to building.

For extreme workloads.

Merge, drill down, and roll up on-chain and off-chain data, even at terabyte scale.

Lightning-fast nodes.

Rip through data on incredibly high-performance SSD-backed nodes optimized for compute.

Battle-tested at scale.

Run massively parallel tasks at sustained peak performance.

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Some of the best companies in the world trust us with delivering live web3 data to power their software.

“Polymarket requires real-time data in order to power the platform that our customers trade on. We’ve been looking for a reliable partner for low-latency data for a long time, and Goldsky has exceeded our expectations in almost every single category.”

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