Real-time blockchain data access with Goldsky

Today, part of the Goldsky platform is generally available. What you see today is just the very beginning of our journey. We're providing a different angle to the blockchain data stack...
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Goldsky provides real-time and historical access to data stored on blockchains and lets you transform, enhance, and integrate that data to meet your custom needs.

Today, we are excited to announce Goldsky is publicly available at 🎉

A table view of deployed subgraphs. The page title reads Subgraphs and the first two rows show the subgraph status as Syncing while the remaining three rows are Live.

Our release today opens up super-charged subgraph indexing for all teams. You can ingest data, access it with a backwards-compatible subgraph API, and request add-ons that allow you to access the data through advanced GraphQL or Webhooks. Additional add-ons such as Timescale and Elasticsearch integrations are available upon request.

For the past few months, we have worked with customers such as Polymarket, POAP, and Arweave to refine our infrastructure and user experience. Since our private launch, we have had hundreds of subgraphs deployed, with hundreds of millions of API requests served per month.

At Goldsky, we want you to focus on your project. Let us take care of the complex, real-time blockchain data access.

One of Goldsky's core values is to ruthlessly focus on enabling great user experiences. As experienced product creators, we understand the hidden complexity behind an amazing and joyful user experience. We are focused on removing the hurdles other product creators need to go through to create the ideal experience for their users.

Deploy (or migrate) your subgraphs today

With today’s general availability of Goldsky, you can deploy your subgraphs in seconds.

Do you already have subgraphs deployed on The Graph’s Hosted Service? Please see our migration guide.

To get started:
  • Create an account at
  • Create an API key on the Settings page.
  • Install the Goldsky CLI:
    npm install -g @goldskycom/cli
  • Log in with the API key created earlier:
    goldsky login
  • Deploy your subgraph
    cd your-subgraph-directory
    graph build # Build your subgraph as normal.
    goldsky subgraph deploy my-subgraph/1.0.0
  • Congratulations, your subgraph is now being indexed! Check the progress in the web app or with the following command:
    goldsky subgraph list

For further details or a complete list of CLI commands, please refer to our documentation at

We invite you to log in at and deploy your first subgraph today. We also provide dozens of one-click deployments where all it takes is a click of a button to see Goldsky in action.


Indexing and hosting subgraphs is only the beginning of your journey with Goldsky. We offer additional functionality via add-ons. To give you an idea, below is a subset of what is available:
  • Transforms let you write SQL to transform your data in real-time. Merge, filter, aggregate, and group historical and new data with one query.
  • Webhooks deliver real-time HTTP POST requests to your service on specific subgraph entities as they are created or updated.
  • Timescale and Elasticsearch integrations where you can further process and query your data.

Visit the add-ons page to explore the full list of add-ons. This is where you can connect with us to discuss your specific use case so we can help you find the best solution. The page also shows which add-ons you already have access to today.

Feedback & Contact Us

We love to hear from you. Whether you have feedback, suggestions, or would like to contact us to discuss your project, find us on Twitter @goldskyio or send us an email at [email protected]